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style and substance

BLDGBLOG has a post about this fantastic animation by Richard Hardy, about a world where artificial intelligence has overwhelmed the word, but has grown organically to replicate natural systems of … Continue reading

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houses to live and work

studioKAP’s plot at the Scotland Housing Expo was occupied by a semidetached house. Two mirrored houses were turned 90 degrees to each other, so both entrances were off a courtyard. … Continue reading

August 21, 2010 · 3 Comments

Scotland Housing Expo

In a suburb of Inverness, a very strange array of houses has been built. Architects from all over Scotland have designed one off [but repeatable] dwellings for families, with a … Continue reading

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supreme suprematism

I alsolutely LOVE these plates, based on a Russian Futurist design by Georgy Krutikov. These are a brand new design for porcelain manufacturer Nymphenburg, the plate with Kruyikov’s design is … Continue reading

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Fabric Cast Concrete

I have been experimenting since last year with imprinting fabric textures into clay, which is really, really fun. I have used fabric to make stamps for stamping into tiles, bowls, … Continue reading

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