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Monthly Archives: May, 2011

over your head

The roofs of the Chateaux in the Loire valley are largely inspired by Italian renaissance architecture, and the broken, ornate and complex roof geometry often seen in Italy. Above at … Continue reading

May 27, 2011 · 3 Comments

ah non, je suis fatigue

We spent last week in the Loire valley, which was utterly brilliant. I love French interior style, especially the French predilection for matching the fabric, wallcovering, carpet, bedsheets, cushions, paintings, … Continue reading

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ning nong a-nicky nong nang

At work we washed the ‘wet floor sign’… which made the floor wet. In other news I made a new bag for my holidays next week. The idea is that … Continue reading

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read it in a big book

This is what you get from the Bute tourist office and I’ll tell you what guys and gals, they’re not wrong. I’ve seen some outstanding Gothic mansions in my time, … Continue reading

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island in the stream

We went to the Isle of Bute last week, just for the day. From Edinburgh you go to Glasgow Central station, and change for the train to Wemyss Bay. Both … Continue reading

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