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we mean it, man

In April I hosted a small shindig, in honour of a little event you may have heard of. Many people crammed into our front room, ate amazing cakes and spent a really lovely day drinking a lot of Pimms and watching the events on the telly.  Some excellent pictures by Dougal can be seen here. There were decorations as behooves such an event. There were flags in sausage rolls, there were Union Jack napkins. There was thirty metres of bunting. What do you do with thirty metres of bunting?

Recycle it into a patchwork quilt!

First I cut out paper to match the amount of fabric triangles I had, and played around with different patterns. I did this while watching a documentary about the Irish republican marching bands.

Then I made the patchwork top out of the triangles of bunting, using the paper as a pattern.

I’d almost finished quilting the whole thing when I found how to cross stitch letters and numbers, so I decided to mark the year in the corner, in case I make more in the future.

It’s a bit difficult to see in the white-on-white, but I marked out on the Aida [evenly woven fabric you buy from craft shops] in highlighter where I was going to stitch, then set up the embroidery hoop over the area, then tacked the Aida into the quilt top. After cross stitching the highlighted squares, you use tweezers to pull out the tacking and the Aida.

It’s a pretty satisfying result.

I made bias binding out of a cut up Union Jack, while listening to the Sex Pistols. Pigsy helped, and really got into the spirit of ’77, using his teeth to shove it to the monarchy. He’s so anarchic. Here’s the finished article;

It’s not even annoying me that the top and bottom edges aren’t symmetrical, because the idea was to use up all the fabric from the decorations.

This was

  • the biggest patchwork I’ve made
  • the first cross stitch I’ve done
  • the first machine piecing I’ve done
  • the first time I’ve made bias binding

4 comments on “we mean it, man

  1. helen
    September 26, 2011

    and I blimen love it.


    • sarahhalford
      September 26, 2011

      Sweet, thanks! Just a test really, seeing as the part i hate most about patchwork is all the cutting, and I’d already done all of that!


  2. Dougal Stanton
    September 26, 2011

    Aw thanks! I admit I enjoyed looking at those photos again after all this time. If only I had as much appetite for cake then as I do now.


    • sarahhalford
      September 26, 2011

      they’re really good, definitely captured the spirit of the day! And none of the actual tv! We look like weird super-patriotic people eating our body weight in cake!


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