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cats in japan

We went to see Rent-a-Cat at the Film Festival last week. I’d been wanting to see it during the week, but F was working, so I took a chance that it would be included in the Best of the Fest line-up for cheaper tickets and it was :- )

As you’d expect from a Japanese film about a girl who finds it hard to relate to people, but rents out cats to those as lonely as herself, it was pretty twee. However, it had fantastic sets and costumes, in that fab wabi sabi Nippon style we all love so much! I especially liked Sayoko’s many faded and dusty aprons, with patched pockets. At one point she finds a hole on the pocket and immediately runs to sew it up. Her trundler wagon, which fits six cats in squashed segments, is all taped up and has a Heath Robinson parasol for protecting the somnolent felines.

I was inspired to make an apron pouch, using hexagons which I first cut out of isometric grid paper. One day maybe I’ll go bigger

I’ve also been reading The Wind Up Bird Chronicle by Murakami [not that Murakami, the other Murakami. Although for a while I embarrassingly thought they were the same person, writing two strands of fiction, like Iain Banks.] which contains lots of references to cats.

What do you put in your apron pocket? Your cat’s paw of course. Thanks Pigs!


One comment on “cats in japan

  1. helen hare
    July 15, 2012

    i am a fan of one murakami and had never heard of the other, so would probably have assumed the same. there you go.


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