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Monthly Archives: October, 2012

the potting past

The other week I was invited to join a group of potters who are getting together every month to discuss pots, watch videos and demonstrations and bring along precious pots … Continue reading

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take a pew

My friends took me to Sam Burns’ Yard last weekend, it’s a clearance yard with … STUFF everywhere, a total free for all. Glassware and plastic things, doors etc are … Continue reading

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Tour Station

The train station in Tours is magnificent, and a credit to the city. It is a terminating station, and takes advantage of this with a large glass facade and entrance … Continue reading

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Fun with Plaster

Our ceramic group Bridge Pottery Collective has been organising occasional ‘masterclasses’ so we can all learn from each other and swap skills, as well as just get together in the … Continue reading

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L’Orbiere – Helice de Terrestre

View larger here When we were in France we saw a very small entry in our guidebook for L’Helice de Terrestre, which looked from the description to be a fascinating … Continue reading

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fish tiles

More fish from the mould I made here If you like looking at handmade ceramics, I recommend Mud Colony

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bucky balls can be festive

So last month I found this bag of hundreds of tiny, tiny, TINY pieces of fabric in a fab craft shop in Musselburgh. It’s a members’ supply shop, that sells … Continue reading

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