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New Pots


We got a lovely new mini kiln, our friend Cromartie! He’s been in a garage for ten years, and is brand new, never been used. He means everyone in our pottery group will be able to fire their own work very easily, which is fantastic news.


I’ve been learning to throw, so have been making lots and lots of ‘beginner’ pots. My plan had been to make a group of seven mugs for my friends… for Christmas. Nevermind!

Cup Collection

I was really happy with these four, the green glaze is a ‘turquoise crackle’ which I found online. It’s really gorgeous, but did run all over the kiln shelf.

Fake Celadon

I also made a ‘Fake Celadon’ glaze. I’m not that keen to be honest, but the others in the group really liked it, it’s a really quite nice greenish dusky pink.

This cup is the best thing I’ve ever made, I think. The glaze ran so badly, the bottom is basically half inch thick glass, but it’s beautiful.

Sea Cup



One comment on “New Pots

  1. helen h
    March 1, 2015

    that mug is indeed beautiful.


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