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Mugs for you!

Would you like a lovely mug? I will make one for you! And you can basically design your own decoration, or just tell me ‘put some stripes on it’ or ‘put some green dots on it’ or ‘I like books, draw some books on it please’ or EVEN ‘My friend’s name is Jjane and no one makes things that say Jjane , so can you make a mug with Jjane’s name on it please’ AND I WILL TOTALLY DO IT! In 6-8 weeks 😀

I’ve been making mug ‘architypes’ that feel well-balanced, comfortable and pleasing to use, and not too heavy when full of tea. I do like a big cup of tea myself, I know that’s not everyone’s cup of… anyway, here are the mugs.



This shape is really lovely to hold, especially when you’ve got a warm drink! There’s scraffito decoration around the top and a matt glaze around the bottom to emphasise the tubby shape.

You can see from the biro, these are a generous size, but they’re very comfortable to hold and have a nice big handle



The next shape is similar, but a smaller size so nice if you like the size of a standard mug, as they’re exactly the same volume.

They have the same lovely tubby rounded shape, this is also a good shape if you have a cat who likes to knock your tea over, as it will tip onto its side and not spill everything!



The last shape is a ‘bowl mug’, really fantastic to drink hot chocolate or ovaltine out of one of these, so comforting and cozy!

These have a nice big loop handle too, but I’ve been putting slightly more delicate handles on these, and you can also just hold them underneath as a handwarmer. I’ve also been finding that this shape is excellent for reading on the sofa, as you can tuck the bowl mug next to a cushion or in the crook of your arm and they’re quite stable as the lip curves in slightly so your tea is safe. That’s just if you’re incredibly lazy, like me.

All the mugs I make are clear glazed inside so they’re totally food safe.


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