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Festival music at the Museum

P1070480Christopher and I went into town to have a look what was going on for the opening weekend of the festival. It was too busy,so we went to the Museum, where there is free music every day in the atrium.

P1070498These guys were good, I’m not sure if it was a bit too echoey for their faster jigs tough. All that travertine is not good for sound absorption.



These pots are too high up to look at :-/

P1070502There are some great sculptures on the top gallery, lovely Buddhas as well.


I always like to visit Paolozzi’s Early Man exhibit in the basement of the Museum of Scotland
P1070513We went down to the Grassmarket, there’s a market on with some amazing looking Greek food.

P1070514Ice cream from Mary’s Milk Bar.

In 2005 I took some photos of the museum before renovations.

The fish that used to swim around in the pools in the central atrium.

The terrifying clock used to be in the atrium, they put it  away to the side. it’s still terrifying though.

To be fair, these exhibits did need a bit of refreshment!


One comment on “Festival music at the Museum

  1. Helen H
    August 10, 2015

    get you guys, going to Mary’s Milk Bar before it went viral and ran out of ice cream. Too hip for the rest of us.


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