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a big idea

My walk to work takes me past a big legal graffiti wall in Edinburgh, in the Old Town. I always enjoy seeing the new work up there, some of it is absolutely incredible. My favourite artists are Cyt Crew, they always do amazing work with cool light effects. Seeing their work always makes my day better!


This is a big piece I took a quick snap of (the rabbit is by them too), and it got me thinking that it would be really cool to have some graffiti for our flat. Then when Christopher and I got engaged last year I had  an idea to get something very personal for the wedding, and I got in touch with the artist Seb through the spray paint shop here. I had an idea for a big heart, but he had a much more amazing idea. This was all a BIG SURPRISE for Christopher!


We were able to set up at St Margaret’s House, luckily the January weather was kind enough for Seb to work outside.


Starting out, already looking good, I’m very excited by this point, only about an hour in!


Can you tell what it is yet?! Seb’s painting partner Krzysztof* came with his airbrush.


Then it all went horribly wrong with the airbrush, so work was suspended. With the airbrush it’s possible to work inside, and obviously in January the sun goes down early; luckily we were able to borrow the gallery space overnight so Seb could finish up. My mum helped me carry the canvasses [3m by 1.5m] up five storeys. Thanks Mum! Just to add, this is two days before the wedding now, so I’m a bit… nervous that Seb’s perfectionism will allow him to finish!


It’s 9pm! Seb is signing the canvas! This gives you an idea of the size.

Sarah & Christopher 113

Here is the finished Red Arrow at the wedding venue, right as you come in. Huge thanks to Simon and Kirsty for moving it in their van! Doesn’t it look amazing.. I can’t believe the vapor trails, and the detail in the shadows, it’s a thousand times cooler than a heart! Christopher didn’t know what his surprise was, I couldn’t wait for him to see it, he LOVES the Red Arrows, and we have been to see their displays lots of times together, so it’s really special for us.**

Here is his face when we went into the Town Hall and he saw it for the first time. He liked it!

Sarah & Christopher 115

I was so happy to surprise Christopher with the painting, it was the cherry on the cake of a really wonderful day.

Sarah & Christopher 162

*Krzysztof  is an INCREDIBLE tattoo artist, he works at Plus 48 Tattoo on Leith Walk

**the canvases will now be cut down slightly and made into wardrobe doors for the flat, Seb designed it so that the plane is centred and won’t be cut off when we crop it down. Clever!


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